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  • Verse for January

    “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

    James 4:14

  • Sunday mornings at 11am

    We meet on Sunday mornings at 11am. There is a time of worship which includes Bible reading, singing, prayers and Bible teaching. Partway through the service there is a creche (for pre-school) and Junior Church programme (for primary school age) for those who wish to avail of it.

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  • Christianity Explored

A Christian church where God is worshipped,
the Bible is taught, and Christian fellowship is enjoyed.

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  • Prayer Items (Summer 2019)

    PRAYER ITEMS FOR SUMMER 2019 JUNE Wed 5th STATE EXAMINATIONS BEGIN. LEAVING CERTIFICATE: Erika Jeffers 3rd-8th MUNSTER BIBLE COLLEGE LECTURES (Dustin Benge) 8th-16th KINSALE BYE TEAM 16th-21st CEF CYIA WEEK (Christian Youth in Action) 23rd-29th MCC SENIOR CAMP (Martin speaking; Tom & Grace leading) Also: Olwyn (cooking), Sharon L, Dave J, Zoe & Paul 30th-6th July MCC INTER […]

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  • TITUS: transforming grace

    We’re going to be looking at Paul’s letter to Titus and the effects of the gospel in the lives of those who believe in the Lord Jesus. If you want to get ahead, why not check out this video which will give you an introduction to the letter?

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    From January to Easter we’re going to be looking at the Book of Hosea. Why not check out this video so as to be familiar with the story and the content of the book? It’s all about a man’s pursuit of his unfaithful wife, reflecting a much bigger story about God’s pursuit of His unfaithful […]

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Media Updates

  • Time ticks on (Ecclesiastes 3:1-15)

    “Time ticks on” is the third sermon in our series in Ecclesiastes, “Life is a vapour”. It was preached by Tom Campbell on Sunday 19th January 2020. Text: Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. In his pursuit of joy, As time ticks on, though we cannot control it, God does. And that enables us to enjoy God’s good gifts […]

  • Chasing the wind! (Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26)

    “Chasing the wind!” is the second sermon in our series in Ecclesiastes, “Life is a vapour”. It was preached by Martin Parker on Sunday 12th January 2020. Text: Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26. In his pursuit of joy, the Teacher learns that joy is not something we can achieve by our own efforts but that it is a […]

  • Toiling for what? (Ecclesiastes 1:1-11)

    “Toiling for what?” is the first sermon in our series in Ecclesiastes, “Life is a vapour”. It was preached by Martin Parker on Sunday 5th January 2020. Text: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11. We explore a reality we cannot avoid, a monotony we cannot escape and an appetite we cannot satisfy that leads the Teacher to ask, “What […]

  • Standing firm in the faith (1st Peter 5:1-14)

    “Standing firm in the faith” is the tenth and final part of our series in 1st Peter, “Living as God’s chosen people in a hostile world”. It was preached by Martin Parker on Sunday 1st December 2019. Text: 1st Peter 5:1-14.

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